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Helping Deserving Drivers

Deserving drivers must be aged 17 to 25 and otherwise unable to afford driving lessons. These young people will be living with challenges, for instance as young carers, or have special physical, educational or emotional needs.

Marmalade Foundation is a community interest company and Helping Deserving Drivers awards are made to young people who are trying to, or have, overcome difficult circumstances in their lives.  It gives individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to, a chance to take to the road and help to build a more stable future.

Applications are put forward for consideration either by driving instructors or from organisations working with young people.

They’re put to a panel each month and care is taken to match award winners to empathic driving instructors, particularly if they have learning or physical difficulties and so require a slightly different method of teaching.

The scheme is aimed at those aged 17-25 and otherwise unable to afford driving lessons.

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Tel: 0333 323 2615

Updated 25.08.2019