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Adaptation packages for ADIs

Disability Driving Instructors has negotiated a specially discounted “package price” for basic driving adaptations

Jeff Gosling Hand Controls and Brig-Ayd Controls have both agreed to participate in a scheme to provide adaptations for ADI’s to adapt tuition cars to help disabled people learn to drive for the first time or get back to driving after illness or accident:

Hand controls, steering ball & left foot accelerator package

Lodgesons provides an incentive programme for UK Driving Instructors, they offer a 50% discount off a Lodgesons R210 or R213 secondary control system:

Lodgeson Secondary Controls

Bever Car Products are offering discounted prices on their Smart Steer driving School Kit:

Bever Smart Steer secondary controls

If you are interested in fitting adaptations to your tuition vehicle and want to take advantage of the discounted package prices, please contact me first and I will then liaise with the manufacturers and your local installer to arrange the supply and fit of the chosen adaptations.

email me:  or ring on 01773 852198