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The Association of Disability Driving Instructors – working to help specialist ADIs

Disability Driving Instructors has been set up to address the currently unmet need for providing an easily accessible, comprehensive and regularly updated national register of driving instructors who specialise in working with people with disabilities – the Association is an independent, not for profit, Community Interest Company.

Membership levels

A basic “line entry” onto the register will be free of charge and ADI information will include basic contact details (phone and email) type of vehicle (manual/automatic) any adaptations fitted and details of specialist tuition provided (physical disability/special educational needs/deaf aware tuition). It is hoped that we will be able to continue offering basic line entry free of charge but the full “enhanced entry” will incur a small charge. The full enhanced entry will include comprehensive ADI details, logos and photographs as well as links to existing driving school websites; the charge for the full enhanced entry will also include full membership of the Association of Disability Driving Instructors.

To explore the driving instructors register visit on the quick search by region and look at the East Midlands or Yorkshire/Humberside regions (the other regions are still under development). Choose any of the ADIs listed and click on “view full details” to see the enhanced entry.

Our aims

The Association has the aim of helping both people needing specialist tuition and the ADIs providing it; the object is to bring both groups together. Too often it is heard that people needing specialist tuition cannot find suitably trained or experienced ADI’s and too often it is heard that ADI’s cannot find sufficient people to teach to make the specialisation viable; this is more of an issue where expensive adaptations to the tuition vehicle are required. Hopefully the oft heard “How can I find a specialist driving instructor or an instructor with an adapted car?” will soon be a thing of the past.