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From Monday 12 April 2021 the Coronavirus restrictions in England and Wales are being relaxed and driving lessons will be permitted to re-start; DVSA have confirmed that theory tests will recommence on 12 April with practical driving tests starting 10 days later on 22 April 2021.
The Devolved government in Scotland has indicated that driving lessons north of the border will restart on 26 April with DVSA stating that practical driving tests should be able to restart 10 days later.
Be aware that once instructors have returned to work they will be very busy coping with the backlog of pupils who have been unable to have driving lessons or take driving tests because of the lockdowns. Be prepared for a longer than normal wait before tuition for new pupils is able to start.

Please note that the people listed are all self employed independent driving instructors and are not employed by Disability Driving Instructors. Whilst we have attempted to ensure the information provided is accurate Disability Driving Instructors does not endorse or make representations as to the quality or cost of the suppliers or services listed. We cannot accept liability of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of the information or any reliance placed on it by any person.

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