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This page sets out our security policy and steps we have taken to secure this site and your data.


Our entire site is secured using an SSL security certificate which encrypts data on every page. This ensures that all information passed between the web server and your browser remain private. We also use the Cloudflare service which is a first line of defence in preventing known hackers reaching our site. We use strong passwords for access to the website administration system and these are stored in secure password manager applications.

We monitor site access and we use scanning services to test for any suspicious activity on our site. The site contents are backed up seven times daily to a server on the same network and backed-up daily to an offsite location.


Password security is very important and unfortunately many people use weak, easy to break passwords or worse, re-use the same password for several websites. We set and control the minimum password length used for member logins for all of our members’ safety.


We use PayPal as our payment provider for membership payments. All payment data is handled by PayPal and we never receive nor store any credit or debit card information.