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    For the Specific Educational Needs Course and the Medical Conditions & Disabilities Course the following introductory course should be undertaken (it only needs to be taken once if you are doing both courses). Once you have entered the chosen date for the course introduction you will be asked to choose the dates for the SEN, Medical Conditions and the In-car training day if you wish to complete the entire course.

  • Tuesday 9m April (before the SEN course).
    Tuesday 14 May (if just doing the disabilities course).
  • Tuesdays start 16 April.
  • Tuesdays start 21 May.
  • Face to face, includes lunch & refreshments.
  • Face to face, includes lunch & refreshments.
  • Please note If your preferred course is fully booked, the courses will run again in 2024. If you would like to be added to the wait list please email with your details.
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