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Welwyn Garden City

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Hertfordshire Action on Disability Mobility Centre offers a personalised advice and assessment service for older and disabled drivers and passengers.

If a health problem is affecting your driving ability or if a physical restriction is compromising the operation of the standard controls of the car, we can assess your ability and advise on the options for you to continue or return to driving. Both experienced drivers and those wishing to learn to drive for the first time are catered for.

Options for getting in and out of cars, both for drivers and passengers, can be explored and advice for wheelchair loading can be provided.

Hertfordshire Action on Disability Mobility Centre
The Woodside Centre, The Commons, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 4DD

01707 324581
01707 371297
  • Car driving assessment
  • Driver/passenger access/seating assessment
  • Wheelchair/scooter loading assessment (including WAV)
  • Electric wheelchair/scooter driving assessment
  • Driving tuition service
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