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Studying for & taking the theory test if you are deaf

You can take the theory test using BSL if you are Deaf, this needs to be requested when you make the on-line booking and DVSA will then contact you to arrange this.
Additional help is available for Deaf people when studying for the theory test with specially designed apps, DVDs and YouTube videos available.

Taking the Theory Test

If you are Deaf you can take the Theory Test using British Sign Language (BSL), this can either be an on-screen BSL where the interpreter will appear in a separate ‘widow’ in the corner of the computer screen and the interpretation will run alongside the standard test questions and answers or you can request a face-to-face BSL interpreter where a person will sit alongside you while you take the test and will sign the questions and answers for you; they can then mark the answers on the computer when you sign which answer you have chosen.

Be aware that there have been reported problems with candidates not understanding the on-screen BSL interpretation and you can’t ask what it means. If you are worried about using the on-screen interpretation you should request the face-to-face interpreter, this needs to be arranged through the theory test customer services section. You won’t be charged an extra fee for this service.

Theory test bookings need to be made on-line at You need ask for additional support when you make the on-line booking for your test and once you have completed your personal details you will be asked what test support you need. Request either “on-screen BSL” or “an interpreter next to me using sign language” . No proof of hearing difficulty is required but this must be booked in advance – tick the box when booking the test. Once you have completed this section of the booking the next page will tell you that you won’t be able to complete the booking on-line and that the DVSA will contact you about the support for your theory test.

DVSA Theory Test Booking Service:

  • email:
  • Telephone: 0300 200 1122
  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Studying for the Theory Test

Many people will be able to use the mainstream study aids for the theory test but those who use BSL may find the following useful:

  • Safe driving for life

DVSA have produced a series of videos to help users of British Sign Language to learn The Official Highway Code for their safety and the safety of others.

Driving Theory Test Extra in BSL 

This DVD has been produced in a twin pack and will assist all Deaf driving students to pass the Theory Test with confidence.

BSL Theory Test

BSL Theory Test is a visual-based learning system designed to help Deaf people, and those with autism, dyslexia and learning difficulties pass the theory test. We have added pictures to the car theory test questions and answers. These car theory test questions and answers that we are providing to you are the same questions and answers as the actual car theory test (but without the 3,650 pictures we added).

Car Theory Test with added Pictures

Taking the practical test

If you are deaf or have hearing difficulties your examiner will communicate with you by whatever means is best for you. At the start of the test they will explain what will happen with the aid of notes, they will also look at you to help you lip read if you find this useful. On the move they will usually give directions as hand signals, these will be explained before you start the drive.

You may take an interpreter with you if you use sign language; the interpreter must be over the age of 16 and you could use your driving instructor as an interpreter. You must arrange for the interpreter and pay any fees yourself.

When booking the practical driving test you must declare any hearing difficulty on the booking form, or when booking by phone, details will then be passed on to the examiner and extra time will be allocated if it is needed.

Book your test on line at or by phone: 0300 200 1122