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Studying for the Theory Test if you have Special Needs – what study aids are available to help you?

There are a variety of aids available to help you study for the theory test. Books have been specially designed with illustrations to help you understand and remember the necessary information, Audio Books are available for you to listen to rather than having to read, flash cards can be used as memory joggers, there are specially designed computer apps available, one-to-one theory sessions via Zoom can be arranged, theory test training video courses have been introduced and some classroom courses are also available.

This is a sample of the study aids available when preparing to take the Theory Test; please note that other products and services are also available.

Please note that the products and services listed are provided by independent companies with no direct links to Disability Driving Instructors. Whilst we have attempted to ensure the information provided is accurate Disability Driving Instructors does not endorse or make representations as to the quality or cost of the products and services listed. We cannot accept liability of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of the information or any reliance placed on it by any person.

“UK Driving Theory Test Kit”

(includes The Highway Code Book – 2022, Know Your Traffic Signs – 2022, and 78 Road Sign Flash Cards)

PASS YOUR UK DRIVING THEORY TEST – Kit includes 2 official study books and a large deck of road signs flash cards designed for anyone who wants to learn UK road signs.

“These are perfect gifts for any learner driver,  for a 17th birthday present, or for anyone who is leaning to drive! The kit includes the two vital books that you need to study to understand the rules of the road.”

Each of the 78 flash cards that are included in the kit has one road sign on the front and the same road sign on the back with an explanation of what it means. These revision cards are perfect for any learner driver who is wanting to pass their driving theory test.

For details see: Driving Theory Test Kit

“The Highway Code Audiobook”

Our audiobook is the ONLY complete, up-to-date, 2022 edition of the Highway Code. Other audiobooks available on the market were published in 2013 and have not been updated.

“The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, providing all the latest rules of the road and traffic signs. All road users have a responsibility to keep their knowledge up-to-date. This new edition incorporates new rules on: a) The hierarchy of road users – this means the introduction of new responsibilities towards more vulnerable road users, to keep them safe on the road. These will be known by the ‘H’ rules b) Mobile Phones – tighter restrictions on the use of mobile phones whilst driving c) Junctions – you should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road that you’re turning into d) Parking Laws – new rules around parking on pavements. The Highway Code remains one of the source materials for all theory tests”.

For details see: Highway Code Audiobook

“The Colour Academy Theory Test Educational Colouring Book”

This has been available since 2018 and has proved successful for many students with reading and learning difficulties.

Passing the test:

to pass any test, you have to learn, memorise and understand the material.

The practice question books and apps available to you today are all small simulations of the final exam. Simulating the final exam is important for testing that you’ve learnt, memorised and understood the material but they don’t support effective learning or make for a fun study session.

To learn the material, you would need to read the highway code, which as it turns out isn’t very readable. Plus signs, road markings, manoeuvres are all visual things, why would you want to read a book to study them anyway?

Our Theory Test Book:

Instead of reading a book of rules, why not interact with illustrations that depict actual scenarios? When you colour in scenarios your memory retention and recall rates actually improve and learning suddenly becomes more fun; you have a visual illustration that you created and you can then look back on it and remember it more easily.

For details see: Colour Academy Colouring Book

Lee Pollard’s “Theory Test Advice Booklet”

An excellent workbook, ideal for driving instructors to use as a structured training plan when they are providing additional tuition for the Theory Test, either in-car during lessons or as additional one-to-one training at home; the workbook can also be used if instructors are carrying out small group training with a number of pupils.

The workbook is also ideal for setting ‘homework’ tasks for the pupil to carry out between lessons and for them to revise topics already covered; it is also a very useful aid for parents if they are helping their children to study.

To download a copy of the booklet go to: DDI Theory Test Advice Booklet

“BSL Theory Test” 

On-line Car Theory Test with pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words – BSL Theory Test has added 3,650 pictures to the DVSA questions to make a visual-based learning system designed to help Deaf people, and those with autism, dyslexia and learning difficulties pass the theory test.

“We have added pictures to the car theory test questions and answers, these questions and answers are the same as those on the actual car theory test but those do not have the 3,650 pictures that we have added to our learning system.”

We use the latest DVSA theory test questions and have added thousands of images to make the theory test easier to understand as well as pass. Adding pictures to the theory test is what makes us unique from any other theory test site in the UK as we are the 1st and only driving theory test site to do this.

This is called visual learning which has proven to help up to 95% of candidates pass the driving theory test 1st time and this is how we believe theory test practice should take place.

For details see: BSL Theory Test

Chris Bensted: “Theory Test Explained”

One-to-one Theory training via Zoom

Struggling to hit the mark on the DVSA Theory Test?

Apps, Books, videos and Websites don’t work for everyone. sometimes you need to be taught in the way that you learn!

“We provide 1:1 on-line teaching for the Theory Test via Zoom, focusing on the two main challenges of helping you:

  • to understand the information that you need to know (e.g. the rules of the road)
  • to understand the wording used for the Theory Test (e.g. the language used for the questions and answers)”

Do you have Specific Needs?

We have wide ranging experience of helping people with specific needs and understand both the needs and the challenges that difficulties with this can cause; we will also explain methods that you can use to overcome these difficulties, which will help you to excel!

For details see: Theory Test Explained

Julia Malkin’s “Easy Pass Theory Course”

Theory Test training video course

The unique theory test training video course! This is the only course that has videos that answer the theory test practice questions, while building hazard perception skills, at the same time, as you watch!

Julia says: “after seeing many pupils struggle with learning each subject only from questions, I developed this course to help people learn the practice answers quickly using video, with no questions being asked at all.

The course has 100 individual video clips on all theory test subjects. Each one contains correct answers to the practice questions on video that they can watch repeatedly. Each one of these clips is just a few minutes long.

Hazard perception tips are also included in these videos – different types of hazards, where they are likely to be seen, what to look for in different situations and the reactions of drivers need to have”.

For details see: Julia Malkin’s Easy Pass Theory Pro

Annie Winterburn’s “Theory Test Practice”

Theory Test video training

Created by Annie Winterburn, an Approved Driving Instructor, Theory Test Practice has been designed to help anyone who has a theory test to take. When you’ve been through a course, you’ll discover just how easy it is to pass! The courses cover all you need to learn, understand and prepare to pass all parts of the driving theory test.

Theory Test Course has been created to help anyone to pass their theory test.

  • If you are anxious about failing your theory test – this course is for you!
  • If you want to pass on your first or next attempt – this course is for you?
  • If you have Dyslexia, or English is not your first language – this course is for you!

Theory Test Course includes everything you need to prepare for and pass your driving theory test first time.

  • Worksheets
  • Video tutorials
  • Fact lists
  • Official DVSA questions and case studies
  • Multiple-choice and hazard perception techniques
  • Test confidence techniques
  • Instructor support*

Once the whole course has been completed you are welcome to contact us for help on any topics or questions you still struggle with.

For details see: Annie Witerburn’s Theory Test practice

Driving Mobility Theory Test Support Project

One-to-one Theory Test classroom training


The Driving Mobility Theory Test Support Project aims to help individuals facing barriers to passing their DVSA Theory Test, particularly those with neurodiversity, additional needs, learning difficulties and hearing difficulties. This support will take the form of assessment to identify the individual’s needs followed by one-to-one theory test training with Specialist Driving Instructors and Occupational Therapists.

The initial assessment will be conducted before the start of the training to identify each student’s training needs and provide evidence for any additional support provision that may be needed from DVSA when taking the Theory Test. Up to six hours of funded specialist one-to-one tuition will then be provided  and additional tuition will be also available following the initial sessions, but this will need to be paid for by the client. Assistance with booking the theory test will be given and help getting the necessary proof of special needs, required by DVSA, will be provided.

In order for an individual to take a practical driving test, they must first pass a Theory Test comprising of multiple-choice questions and a video-based hazard perception test.  For some people, the barrier of struggling to pass the Theory Test is preventing them from being able to progress to take the practical driving test; many give up due to repeated failed attempts. With the additional support that this project is providing we are hoping to reverse these failed attempts. The project will run for 2 years and will be delivered at eight English Mobility Centres. One-to-one training can be provided at the centres in small conference rooms or offices, with specialist tutors providing training tailored to each individual student’s needs.

Neurodiversity should not be a barrier to someone being able to pursue their ambition of learning to drive. The aim of this project is to support individuals who are struggling to study and remember the information they need to know to drive safely and pass the theory test as well as to help those who are struggling to understand the language used for the DVSA Theory Test questions and answers.

It is also important to help ensure that this group of people can get the additional support from DVSA that they are entitled to when taking the Theory Test. The Driving Mobility Theory Test Support Project aims to help provide the necessary evidence of learning difficulties for candidates that are eligible for this additional support.

For details go to: Driving Mobility Theory Test Support Project

Booking the DVSA Theory Test

When you are ready to book your Theory Test Click here for details of the help available when taking  the DVSA Theory Test and how to book it

Updated 05.12.2023