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ADI Training Programme

Disability Driving Instructors is pleased to be able to announce the third round of courses for their ADI training programme starting in Spring 2024. The programme is designed to provide instructors with the knowledge and expertise they need to teach people with special needs.

The Specific Educational Needs course that started on 9th April is fully booked


This is an online course presented via Zoom every Tuesday evening at 6.00pm. There is an introduction module (if you have not already attended for this before the SEN course) followed by 5 individual modules culminating in a full day face-to-face training day at RDAC Solihull. 

The booking/payment page is still open!

For the new dates of the 2024 courses starting in April see:

DDI Spring 2024 Round 3 Course Dates (Tuesdays)

For the Scheme of Work for the ADI Training Programme, detailing the course content see:

DDI (9) Scheme of work 05.04.24

Disability Driving Instructors (DDI) 
About DDI
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Who should do the training programme?
What is the cost of the training programme and how do I book?

Introduction to teaching pupils with special needs (1 module)
Introduction to the course
DVLA and DVSA notification requirements for pupils with special needs

Driving with specific educational needs for driving instructors (4 modules)
Unit 1: Introduction to the role of the SEN instructor
Unit 2: Theoretical guide to neurodiversity part 1
Unit 3: Theoretical guide to neurodiversity part 2
Unit 4: Practical guide to neurodiversity

Driving with disabilities and medical conditions for driving instructors (5 modules)
Unit 1: Introduction to the role of the mobility instructor
Unit 2: Adaptations
Unit 3: Diverse medical conditions that ADIs may come across
Unit 4: Diverse medical conditions – teaching pupils with these conditions
Unit 5: Driving licence restriction codes demystified

Practical face to face training at RDAC Solihull (Full day – includes lunch & refreshments)
Unit 6: In car training at a Driving Mobility Centre

Cost for each on-line module is £35 and the in-car training day, at RDAC or DriveAbility Scotland, is £75

                Spring 2023                                                              Summer 2023


Deaf awareness and BSL training for driving instructors 

This is still being developed, we hope to be able to run these courses in Summer 2024

Meet the presenters 
John Rogers
Lee Pollard
Gary Gough-Pugh BSc
And for the deaf awareness course
Costa Christou
Mike Gambin

Updated 08.01.2024