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ADI Training Programme

Disability Driving Instructors is pleased to be able to offer a programme of training courses to cover the different aspects of disability and hearing difficulty that instructors may encounter when teaching people to drive for the first time or when helping people get back to driving after illness or accident

Scheme of Work for Disability Driving Instructors’ ADI Training Programme

(Updated: 2 October 2021)

Disability Driving Instructors (DDI) 
About DDI
Our contact details
Who should do the training programme?
What is the cost of the training programme and how do I book?

Introduction to teaching pupils with special needs 
The DDI ADI Training Program video
Teaching difficult or problem pupils

Driving with specific educational needs for driving instructors 
Unit 1: Practical guide to neurodiversity
Unit 2: Theoretical guide to neurodiversity part 1
Unit 3: Theoretical guide to neurodiversity part 2
Unit 4: Anxiety and neurodiversity

Driving with disabilities and medical conditions for driving instructors 
Unit 1: Introduction to the role of the mobility instructor
Unit 2: Adaptations and teaching diverse conditions
Unit 3: Anxiety
Unit 4: Becoming a certified driver rehabilitation specialist
Unit 5: In car training at a driving mobility centre
Unit 6: In car training with a local mobility instructor

Driving with deafness for driving instructors 

Units outside the training programme 
Special needs accommodations for your theory and practical driving tests
Changes to special needs test accommodations introduced because of COVID 19 restrictions
Theory test for learner drivers
Practical test for learner drivers

Meet the presenters 
John Rogers
Lee Pollard
Gary Gough-Pugh BSc
Elaine Dienn
Gavin Leech
Diane Hall
Costa Christou
Mike Gambin