Find a specialist driving instructor

Adapted tuition cars

You may be able to find an instructor in your area with a tuition car adapted to suit your needs or find an instructor who can give you lessons in your own adapted car.

Many specialist driving instructors do have adapted tuition cars but are unlikely to have more than basic adaptations fitted. Commonly the level of adaptation extends to: steering balls, push/pull hand controls, left foot accelerator, indicator extension (to allow it to be operated with the right hand), hand brake easy release and remote secondary controls attached to the steering ball. This level of adaptation would allow you to drive without the use of your legs, will allow driving using either left or right hand if function in the other is not sufficient and would allow driving with either left or right leg, extension pedals may also be available for people of short stature.

If more substantial or unusual modifications are required it may be necessary for you to get your own car, have it fitted with necessary adaptations, and a dual brake, and then learn to drive in that vehicle; specialist driving instructors would often be prepared to teach you in your own vehicle.

Details of the adaptations fitted to instructor’s cars can be found via the “find an instructor” page; this will also state whether the instructor is prepared to teach you in your own adapted car.