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Do I need tuition before returning to driving?

Refresher lessons or familiarisation tuition would be of benefit before returning to independent driving.

If a return to driving, following accident or illness, is planned a short course of driving tuition may be advised. This could be general refresher tuition to update your skills or get you back into driving after a period away from it, or if a change of vehicle control is required (changing to an automatic or using adapted controls) then familiarisation tuition may be needed.

If a driving assessment has been undertaken, a short course of tuition may be considered essential and a report back from the driving instructor would be needed to conclude the assessment; in some situations the tuition would be followed by a review assessment to ensure that the tuition has been successful.

If DVLA are making medical inquiries a favourable tuition report would help them to conclude their inquiries more quickly.

Funding for familiarisation tuition can usually be provided for Motability customers using adaptations for the first time; contact Motability on 0300 456 4566 for details.