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Getting started

How do you go about learning to drive if you are deaf?

If you are deaf and want to learn to drive you need to apply for a provisional licence in the normal way, you will then have to take the same theory test and the same practical driving test as any other novice driver; special provision is available however to ensure that you can understand what is required to complete the tests.

There is no need to notify DVLA of deafness (until renewal at age 70) when you apply for a driving licence but you do need to notify DVSA when you apply for your practical driving test; Notification when applying for a theory test is only required if you need on-line BSL interpretation, or if you need a one to one interpreter to help you read and record the multiple choice section of the theory test. There is no special needs provision for the hazard perception test.

The “find an instructor” section will help you find specialist “Deaf Aware” driving instructors in your area.