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Hand controls

If you can’t use your feet for acceleration and braking………

The most common form of hand control is the Push/Pull lever, normally operated by the right hand you push to brake and pull to accelerate, which operates the foot pedals mechanically; this normally has an integral indicator switch mounted on the handle and is usually used with a left hand operated steering ball. Push/pull hand control video.

A floor mounted push/pull lever is an alternative type that is operated by the left hand and used with a right hand operated steering ball. Some people find the position of this hand control to be more comfortable. Carospeed floor mounted hand control video.

The Electric trigger throttle and brake lever has a lighter to operate electronically operated accelerator and a mechanical brake lever. Again usually used with an integral indicator switch and left hand operated steering ball. Electric trigger accelerator/push brake hand control video 

The radial accelerator/push brake hand control can be easier to operate for people with poor finger grip, you push down towards the floor to accelerate and push away to brake. The attached video has been produced in Australia but the Guidosimplex radial accelerator featured is also available in the UK, although in the demonstration no steering ball is being used it is normally used with a left hand operated steering spinner. Radial accelerator hand control video

Ring accelerators have the advantage that you would steer conventionally with two hands on the wheel, the accelerator ring can then be operated with either hand whilst simultaneously controlling the steering. The accelerator ring could be mounted over or under the steering wheel (an over ring or under ring accelerator) and is used with a right hand operated brake lever. Over ring accelerator video.  Under ring accelerator (K5 Gas Ring) video

An alternative ring accelerator, the Ghost Ring which is attached to the underside of the steering wheel rim, and operates by rotating the ring in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to accelerate. This is again normally fitted with a right hand operated brake lever. Ghost ring video.