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Here at MotaClarity, we believe that choosing a new car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) should be as straight-forward and enjoyable as possible.

Having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t drive. There are many specialist adaptations and features that can be added to a vehicle to make driving or getting into it as comfortable as possible. If you are disabled and want to know more about driving a car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), you might find this post useful.

 MotaClarity is a UK-based disability motoring website that aims to be the first-place people with a disability and carers go when they need to search for information, advice and products related to disabled motoring. Here, James from MotaClarity tells us about some of the things you might not know about driving with a disability, the Motability Scheme and the different types of vehicles and adaptations available.

 What Are The Key Benefits Of The Motability Car Scheme?

People with a disability in the UK who currently receive a higher or enhanced rate Mobility Allowance can spend this money on whatever they feel they need to help them get around and keep their independence, and one of the main organisations that people look to for help is the Motability Scheme.

Around 630,000 people across the county currently choose to spend their Mobility Allowance benefit on a new car or WAV leased through the Motability Scheme. The ‘worry-free’ Motability motoring package comes with every vehicle, and it includes insurance, servicing and maintenance, RAC breakdown cover, replacement tyre cover, replacement windscreen cover and a huge 20,000 a year mileage allowance.

How Many Vehicles Are There To Choose From?

The choice is huge! There’s well over 2000 cars and WAVs available from over 30 different vehicle manufacturers. At MotaClarity we try to help people with a disability and carers to choose the right vehicle for them with vehicle reviews, money-saving tips, a vehicle comparison tool and more.

You Can Now Insure 3 DriversWith Motability

The Motability package now includes insurance for up to three drivers. Last year Motability changed the rules, so now customers can add a third driver at no additional cost. You can also change the named drivers permitted to drive the car by simply letting the insurer know.

If You Look After Your Vehicle You Could Get A £600 Bonus

The Motability Good Condition Bonus rewards customers who take care of their vehicle. It was originally worth £250, but it’s now worth £600 for a car leased over 3 years and £900 for a vehicle leased for 5 years (which are mainly WAVs). The dealership checks the vehicle over when it is returned and if it qualifies, Motability will send you the Good Condition Bonus money.

You Don’t Even Need To Be Able To Drive

You don’t have to have a driving licence to get a new car or WAV through Motability. There are many Motability customers who don’t actually drive, and some who originally ordered their Motability vehicle so that they could learn in it. As long as it’s being used for the benefit of the Motability customer, the leased vehicle can be driven by a family member, a friend or even a carer.

Motability Grants & The Driving Lesson Programme

Not many people know that Motability (the charity part) offers charitable grants to people who would otherwise be unable to afford the vehicle or specialist adaptation they need. If you have a provisional driving licence and want to learn how to drive, you can also apply for a grant to pay for the cost of driving lessons. Grants are also available for people who already have a full licence that need familiarisation lessons to get used to a newly added specialist adaptation. The Disability Driving Instructors website is a great place to find an instructor near you and information about how to start to learn to drive, how to return to driving after accident or illness and how to keep driving safely.

Many Motability Adaptations Are Free

If you need an adaptation to make it easier to drive or get into a vehicle there are many available at no extra cost and over 100 approved adaptation firms across the UK. If you’re not sure what you might need, making an appointment and then visiting a local Driving Mobility assessment centre would be a great place to find out more about what’s available.

There’s Now More Hybrid And Electric Cars Than Ever Before

Every year more hybrid and electric cars are released by vehicle manufacturers and we’re starting to see more of these environmentally friendly vehicles added to the Motability Scheme. They’re cheaper to run, and as an added bonus the Motability ‘worry-free’ motoring package now includes a no-cost charging solution for Motability customers who order a 100% battery electric vehicle.

Around 630,000 people with a disability are already a part of the Motability Scheme, but many more people are eligible to join.To find out more about the scheme and everything it has to offer we’d recommend paying a visit a Motability Specialist at a car dealership near you. They’re all fully trained and accredited, and will help you to find the vehicle that’s perfect you and the things you do.

Before heading down to the showroom though make sureyou take a look at the full range of vehicles available through the Motability Scheme and draw up a shortlist of vehicles you like.